Sunday, July 26, 2020

Smartstore 4.0.1 is available

New Features

  • Check on app startup whether any plugin has changed and refresh all plugin locale resources.


  • Theming: minimal but effective tweaks (rounding, shadows, typo)
  • (SEO) (PERF) Preload logo to prevent flashing and web fonts to avoid FOUT on slow internet connection
  • Rule Builder:
    • The preview grid is now displayed in a modal dialog.
    • Added more cart rules: weekday, total quantity of products in cart.
    • Added list with example values for browser, operating system and device family rule.
  • The localized ALT text of media files is now respected for all frontend images.
  • SEO: most images in frontend now carry loading="lazy" attribute which loads images only when they enter visible viewport.
  • Media Manager:
    • Improved image lazy loading behavior.
    • The reference table of a file now remains open if its data has been loaded.
    • Migration: detect duplicate file names.
  • Improved handling of customer roles, e.g. paging for customer role grid.
  • (PERF) Use direct SQL to delete guest customers.
  • Blog & News items: Unpublished items are visible for shop admins now


  • Order placement validation now also checks whether the selected payment method has been filtered out.
  •  The button to cancel recurring payments in my-account was out of function.
  • (pb) Flat Box did not invert text color if concrete colors were specified for text parts
  • (mm) Store logo is handled by "content" album, not "file"
  • (mm) Tracker tracks only the last media file property
  • (mm) Migration: Download entity was teared down too early in the migration process.
  • (perf) Plugin hash calculation was broken in a way that every plugin was redeployed on each app startup
  • A cart rule was not applied if more than one cart rule was assigned to an object.
  • MegaSearch: fixed the incorrect featured sorting.
  • Added missing paging for shipment list.
  • "Show all" link in top brands list is always rendered in new line but should be last item in last row.
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