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Monday, May 27, 2019

SmartStore version 3.2.1

Improvements Implemented file range support for CachedFileResult Sitemap should only include products visible for current customer, which is the search engine system customer Fixed uniform spelling for query string parameter "returnUrl" Fixed search engine issue (itemtype, "offers" required) on product detail page Summernote: solved html formatting issues thanks to "Beautifier" library Media middleware: simplified ETag generation & handling

Saturday, May 11, 2019

SmartStore version 3.2.0

(NEW) Page Builder: Create fascinating content that will boost your sales. No coding is required thanks to a powerful WYSIWYG editor which utilizes the revolutionary CSS Grid system (commercial plugin) (NEW) Menu Builder: Visual manager for all sorts of menus. Change existing menus or create your own and place them anywhere you want. (Perf) Faster MegaSearch thanks to Lucene.NET 4.8 (Perf) Huge performance increase in discount resolution and calculation.